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Bad Fathers.

One of my most biggest things (if that makes sense) is bad fathers. Why? Because no child deserves it.

No child deserves having a father who abuses them, either verbally or physically or both.

No child deserves a father who abuses their mother, either in private or in front of them.

No child deserves to experience the drunken behaviours and that incredibly negative environment.

No daughter deserves to grow up with trust issues towards men because of how their father treated them.

No son deserves to grow up believing that how their father acts towards his children and wife is “normal”.

No child deserves to feel guilty because of their father’s choices and mistakes.

No child should have to grow up, mentally and emotionally, older than they have to so they can deal with the pain and trauma.

No child should have to learn how to shield themselves and their siblings from an abusive parent.

I know I’m focusing on the fathers, but mothers can be cunts too. They can be just as bad and just as violent.

No one deserves a parent who doesn’t care about or love them.

No one deserves a parent who has favourites, and treats their favourite like they are more important than the others.

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